Hydrogen Peroxide Australia

Hydrogen Peroxide

“Hydrogen Peroxide is a versatile product for use around the home, and unlike other bleaches and disinfectants it breaks down into just simple water and oxygen, so it’s more environmentally friendly. We choose to use ultra-pure, food grade hydrogen peroxide so that you can be confident in your personal household and business choices. At 35% this product is a strong, oxidising bleach always take special care in diluting, using and storing this product.

Traditional uses of DILUTED Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide include

• Lightening and brightening hair
• Cleansing skin, especially smelly feet and annoying blemishes
• Cleaning food like garden vegetables and food contact surfaces, making sure to rinse well after use.
• Whitening natural fibres
• Household hard surface disinfectant …….and many more.
35% Undiluted is NOT SUITABLE FOR tooth whitening or treatment of cuts or open wounds. Your medical professional can assist you in choosing the most appropriate product for these applications.
Instructions for Use:
• ALWAYS read the label.
• NEVER mix with other chemicals NEVER  USE TAP WATER
• CHOOSE the most dilute product for your intended application
• MEASURE the water, measure the hydrogen peroxide
• APPLY sparingly, only as required
• RINSE all exposed surfaces thoroughly clean under running water after application

35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a very strong oxidising agent which must be diluted with distilled or Pure water prior to use.  


It is highly recommended that you wear gloves, mask and eye protection and use extreme care when handling 35 Hydrogen Peroxide.

35 Hydrogen Peroxide will cause irritation and a strong stinging sensation if it contacts your skin. Simply wash the affected area under cool running water until the stinging sensation stops. This may take several minutes.

Any whitening of the skin will return to normal within an hour.

In case of spills, dilute by pouring a large amount of water onto the spilled peroxide. Mop up the diluted spill with a sponge or cloth, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong bleach. In case of accidental contact, rinse the item in water for several minutes and then launder as normal or soak in a bucket of clean water.

To keep 35 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide from losing its strength it is best stored in the freezer in the original container with tamper proof cap.

Please read the safety and handling instructions on the label and blue card that comes with your product.©