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1 x 200ml Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen


200ml Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen


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We only supply the highest quality of concentrated Stabilised liquid oxygen and with this deal you get the complete package! This bottle with last you months!
You simply cannot buy a better brand or quality than our Liquid Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen!


  • 200ml Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxgyen

Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen is not hydrogen peroxide and it is not a drug. Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen (SEO) is a liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen made available to the body in a molecular form and released upon contact with stomach acid.

Its key components are active oxygen attached to sodium chloride in a special molecular form. The amount of sodium chloride is minimal and should not pose any health problems.

SEO heals nothing by itself. In order for our cells to function properly, we need sufficient amounts of oxygen. Oxygen is vital for our immune system to fight illness and disease. SEO helps raise the oxygen in the bloodstream to the point where the body can naturally keep itself healthy and heal itself because disease cannot live in an Oxygen rich environment.. Unfortunately modern diets, stressful lifestyles and environmental pollutants can reduce the amount of oxygen available.

Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen is an effective way of increasing the body’s levels of OXYGEN
It is rapidly absorbed directly into the body through the digestive tract into the blood stream. There are no nasty side effects and is safe and drug free. Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen doesn’t form any free radicals. And unlike pharmaceutical drugs especially antibiotics it doesn’t kill off beneficial bacteria needed to promote good health.

Size: 200ml refill bottle with tamperproof seal

0.015M NaCIO2
0.05M NaCIO3
0.05M Na2SO4

Dosage: 1-10 Drops up to 3 times a day, diluted in 125ml of pure water

Storage: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight & strong electrical fields

For the purification of water add 10 drops per litre


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